Sheer Awesomeness

Hi guys! 

I had so much fun with you all last Saturday! Actually I was taking pictures all night after dinner, but I had so much fun doing that!! 

Here you can find the first 250 the original pictures of the evening. If you see a picture you like, please send me a screenshot of the picture(s) you want to 0648903103. Pictures taken with your phone are fine, I do that all the time.  

If there weren't any small group pictures taken of you but you would be interested in the group photos in decent size (12MB or so), please let me know by sending me a message via Whatsapp with your emailadress. If there is enough animo I will send a link with the pictures via WeTransfer to multiple adresses at the same time. 

I will get back to you asap, probably with an edited picture. It'll cost me some extra work but I do not like the idea of having original pictures of me flooting on the internet while I do a really good job in editing. So don't worry if it takes some time, I'll probably be overwhelmed with responses so I'll have to organize the shite out if this haha. AND you get a really nice picture :) 

If you have received your image(s), you are most welcome to post your picture(s) on Facebook. If you do, please make sure to tag my page in the description to give credit and support my business. Thank you so much in advance! 

Have fun with the pictures guys!